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Jeden Tag sind unsere ehrenamtlichen Aufklärer mit unserem Projekt Positive Schule in Schulklassen unterwegs. Sie beantworten alle Fragen der Schüler und informieren über Sexualität und sexuelle Gesundheit. Auf unserer Seite können Sie sich über unsere Aufklärungsarbeit informieren und für einen kostenfreien Workshop anmelden.


„Seit mittlerweile vier Jahren begleite ich Jugend gegen AIDS, und ich bin immer wieder beeindruckt von dem großen Engagement der vielen jungen Ehrenamtlichen für diese wichtige Sache!“

— Dr. Frank Walter Steinmeier, Schirmherr

„Jugend gegen AIDS leistet wertvolle Aufklärungsarbeit. Ich danke allen jungen Menschen, die sich für diese wichtige Aufgabe ehrenamtlich einsetzen.“

— Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel

„Jugend gegen AIDS leistet wertvolle Aufklärungsarbeit. Ich danke allen jungen Menschen, die sich für diese wichtige Aufgabe ehrenamtlich einsetzen.“

— Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel


Jugend gegen AIDS e.V. setzt sich leidenschaftlich und ehrenamtlich für eine aufgeklärte Gesellschaft von morgen ein. Wir leisten Aufklärungsarbeit auf Augenhöhe in Schulen und bei Veranstaltungen in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Ermöglicht wird unsere Arbeit durch die Kraft 500 ehrenamtlicher Mitglieder und Peers sowie tausende Supporter, die sich jeden Tag für bessere Aufklärung einsetzen.



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Which option lists the benefits cisco JN0-102-Juniper pdf of provision verification? A. • Accelerated time to revenue • Improved operational efficiencies • Reduced total cost of ownership B. • More choices in hardware • Better performance with Amazon • Lower bandwidth consumption C. • Improved security with storage • Faster time to build • More revenue with cloud deployments D. • Accelerated cloud launches • Better control of location • Increase hybrid cloud integration Answer: A Which option lists cisco icnd2-200-105 exam the orchestration types that can be selected when a user orders an application stack in Cisco Prime Service Catalog? A. full, partial, none B. automatic, semi-automatic, limited, none C. standard service, VIX deployment, puppet, none D. standard service, special service, automatic service Answer: C Which objects are exposed when integrating with Cisco ccna-200-125 vce UCS Director? A. catalogs B. tasks C. public clouds D. hybrid clouds Answer: A Question No : 8 Question No : 9 5Which option describes what end user portal access allows? A. ordering of server and / or application environments based on preconfigured resources available to users access B. deployment of templates and OVA files C. sharing files with other portal users D. registering Physical Compute resources to the environment Answer: A An engineer wants to back up the Cisco 210-250 dumps vce UCS Director database. Which interface should be used? A. Cisco UCS Manager B. SSH C. PuTTY D. Shell Menu Answer: D Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/unified_computing/ucs/ucsdirector/shell- guide/5-0/b_Shell_Guide/b_Shell_Guide_chapter_010.html Question No : 10 Question No : 11 6Where are the main fault logs for root cause analysis located? A. on your local computer via an SSH session B. on the server where the application is installed C. on the database server D. on the switch 100-105 that connects the database and application server Answer: B A Cisco 200-150-dumps dumps UCS Director user placed a service request with a workflow. Under which condition must the user wait for approval? A. if the workflow is published in the microsoft 70-410 Prime Service Catalog B. if the workflow requires approval C. if there is domain separation D. if the service request is not standard Answer: B Due to disk space constraints, the cloud administrator for a cloud service provider wants to see how much storage a particular organization is using for snapshots. Which report option in Cisco 200-125 exam UCS Director provides that data? A. Billing Report for a Customer B. VM Activity Report by Group C. Virtual Infrastructure and Asset Report D. Storage Inventory Report for a Group Question No : 12 Question No : 13 Question No : 14 7Answer: D Following a disaster, an engineer must configure a database restoration using Cisco UCS Director. Which kind of backup should be used? A. FULL state B. system configuration C. all configuration D. logical configuration Answer: A Which option lists the Cisco 200-125 exam Prime Service Catalog support approval guidelines? A. • Policy-based controls and approvals • User entitlement and role-based access control • Service lifecycle management • Financial and demand management B. • Built in role-based security • Management of API integration • Financial and demand management • Manager approvals C. • Certified installer • Network access lists • Service lifecycle management • Global directory access D. • Cisco 300-165-dumps UCS training • Extensive dashboard with large amount of features and extensive entitlement objects • Project management software Question No : 15 Question No : 16 8 • Financial planning software access Answer: A Where are ordered virtual machines accessed in Cisco vce Prime Service Catalog? A. Service Catalog > Manage My Stuff > Virtual Data Centers B. Service Catalog > Manage My Stuff > Open Orders C. Service Catalog > Manage My Stuff > Completed Orders D. Service Catalog > Manage My Stuff > My Stuff Answer: A An administrator wants to customize the alert thresholds in Cisco 200-125 Prime Infrastructure. Which section under system settings is used to perform this customization? A. PI Alarms and Events B. Configuration C. PI Event Configuration D. SNMP Configuration Answer: C
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